Nov 3, 2020

Plan your Campaign Strategy with our Seasonal Checklist

It's always a good time to start planning your seasonal marketing activities with plenty of time. Ideally you should plan a full quarter ahead - whether it's for St Valentine's Day, Black Friday or a major upcoming event. Whether events and your campaigns are happening offline or online, in real-life or remotely, you still need to plan ahead.

This handy template has a guide to help you plot out the different elements of your campaigns. Pop in a few key dates and the calendar will populate for easy visual reference.

You can use it for any time-based event you want to target - we mapped this one out for Christmas but you can use it anytime.

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Cathal Melinn
Cathal Melinn

Cathal Melinn is a well-known Digital Marketing Director, commercial analyst & eCommerce specialist with over 15 years’ experience.

Cathal is a respected international conference speaker, course lecturer and digital trainer. He specialises in driving complete understanding from students across a number of digital marketing disciplines including: paid and organic search (PPC & SEO), analytics, strategy and planning, social media, reporting and optimisition.  Cathal works with digital professionals in over 80 countries and teaches at all levels of experience from beginner to advanced.

Alongside his training and course work, Cathal runs his own digital marketing agency and is considered an analytics and revenue generating guru - at enterprise level. He has extensive local & international experience working with top B2B & B2C brands across multiple industries.

Over his career, Cathal has worked Client-Side, in Digital Marketing Agencies and Media Owners with brands including HSBC, Amazon, Apple, Red Bull, Dell, Vodafone, Compare the Market, Aer Lingus and Expedia.

He can be reached on LinkedIn here.

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