Dec 09, 2021

Presentation: Is Zero-Party Data the Future of Marketing?

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byClark Boyd

Posted on Dec 09, 2021

Zero-party data is information that customers willingly and proactively give to brands, typically in the form of preferences and purchase intentions. It will become even more important in 2022 as marketers move away from third-party data and towards closer customer relationships and full personalization. 

In his webinar Clark Boyd covers all you need to know about zero-party, how marketers can capture this valuable currency, and the brands already getting it right today.

The accompanying presentation can be downloaded and viewed below.

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Clark Boyd photo
Clark Boyd

Clark Boyd is CEO and founder of marketing simulations company Novela. He is also a digital strategy consultant, author, and trainer. Over the last 12 years, he has devised and implemented international marketing strategies for brands including American Express, Adidas, and General Motors.

Today, Clark works with business schools at the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, and Columbia University to design and deliver their executive-education courses on data analytics and digital marketing. 

Clark is a certified Google trainer and runs Google workshops across Europe and the Middle East. This year, he has delivered keynote speeches at leadership events in Latin America, Europe, and the US. You can find him on X (formerly) Twitter, LinkedIn, and Slideshare. He writes regularly on Medium and you can subscribe to his email newsletter, hi, tech.