Dec 14, 2022

Presentation: Your Digital Marketing Trends For 2023

by Digital Marketing Institute

In this webinar, we had 4 superb DMI experts sharing their trends in digital marketing for 2023.

Matthew Santos (Vice President of Products & Strategy at Neil Patel Accel), on how AI content tools can jump start your creative juices and elevate SEO, eliminating your writer’s block. 

Alison Battisby (Social Media Consultant and Founder of Avocado Social) looks in-depth at video trends across TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. This includes how to create algorithm-winning content; spot trends; how to utilise creators to your advantage; and how to create engaging communities via valuable in-depth video content. 

Cathal Melinn (Data Analyst, Digital Strategist and Founder of Digital Basics) walks us through how automated bid strategies can work for you with Google Ads and audience signals; the challenges of campaign simplification and limited data in Google Ads; new ad formats and options to expect in 2023, and migrating reporting standards to GA4 early in 2023. 

Clark Boyd (Author, Digital Marketing and Digital Transformation Consultant & Speaker) discusses the implications of generative AI for marketing strategies, and walks us through the emergence of Superapps which have sprung up partly as the result Googles plans for third-party cookie depreciation.


Download the presentation slides below:

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