AI with the DMI: Google integration, ChatGPT plugins

by Danny Richman

Posted on Jun 16, 2023

The AI space is where it's at - so we've launched this series to cut through the noise. We're going to talk about tools and devlopment and what it means for digital marketers and what you can do about it. Our regular host, and digital marketer, ⁠Will Francis⁠ is joined by SEO expert ⁠Danny Richman⁠.

This week they're talking about where search and AI is going after Google's integration, as well as some ChatGPT plugins they like (or don't) and a little-known app that Will's fallen for, called Call Annie.


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Danny Richman
Danny Richman

Danny Richman is the founder of Richman SEO Training. Danny has helped organisations grow their online traffic since the birth of the internet. He has been actively working with GPT-3 to explore and create tools for marketers. Clients include BBC, Vodafone & Salesforce. Danny also volunteers for the Prince’s Trust supporting disadvantaged young people to start their own business

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