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IKEA Launch Social Experiment – Paris “Apartments” In Metro Station

IKEA have just launched a smart campaign in Paris that aims to show just how effective their furniture is in small cramped spaces. They created five small “apartments” right in the middle of a busy subway station, and opened them up to volunteers to live in them in the full view of the public for a week. The campaign is aimed at passers by to help show them just how effective IKEA furniture can be in small city center cramped living spaces.

The campaign would have been expensive to assemble and cost a fortune to maintain but there is little doubt that it would have got everybody talking on their daily commute each morning. Having used IKEA myself plenty of times, what this brilliant campaign doesn’t show is the pain of assembling all the furniture when you bring it home. It’s no surprise that there was a professional IKEA team on hand to kit out the five apartments. Still we love this type of engaging real world social advertising and it shows once again how well IKEA know its target market and where to find them all. Smart.