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13 Developments That Will Challenge Higher Education in 2018 [infographic]

According to 32,000 students, only a third believe they will graduate with the skills and knowledge required be successful in the job market (34%) and workplace (36%) while just half believe their major will lead to a good job.

That's a stark fact for those in the education sector. But as the job market gets more demanding in terms of the skills it needs - particularly when it comes to digital know-how - the capabilities that students have on graduation needs to adapt and evolve.

With so much change due to digital disruption across industries and global markets, the education sector has a unique opportunity. Students now want to learn skills that will help in their daily roles and create promotional opportunities, while corporates want to hire graduates that have the necessary skills needed to drive digital transformation.

But with opportunities come challenges. Our latest infographic explores 13 developments that will challenge higher education in 2018 and beyond to help you navigate the changing landscape...