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10 Ways Certification Can Help Educators Boost Career Prospects (infographic)

Millennials prefer badging and certification programs to traditional degrees, while 64% of education institutions view alternative credentialing as an essential strategy for the future.

With new technologies and innovations emerging constantly, being able to offer new knowledge that is industry aligned and relevant is the way to not only survive but thrive in the competitive higher education sector.

In addition, as corporates look to offer training programs that align to the needs of industry, educators have an opportunity to offer new ways of learning to adults and working professionals.

In this infographic, we explore 10 ways certification can help significantly boost a student’s career prospects now and in the future.

10 Ways Certification Can Help Educators Boost Career Prospects (infographic)

Students today are looking for skills and knowledge that help them stand out the crowd to land that dream job or advance their career.

Offering specialist certifications is not only delivering in a changing market but help a college, university or training provider to rise above the noise and provide learning that students and working professionals want and need.