Which Countries Have the Most Demand for Digital Marketers?

Which Countries Have the Most Demand for Digital Marketers?

Around the world, the ways we access information, communicate with one another and carry out day-to-day tasks such as banking are increasingly taking place solely online. With over half of the world’s population using the internet, it’s no wonder that the demand for highly skilled digital marketers is growing.

However, not all internet usage is shared equally around the globe. For example, according to Internet World Stats, 95% of North Americans access the internet regularly while only 35% of Africans use the internet.

For digital marketers and marketing graduates, this rate of internet usage can significantly impact where their skills are needed most around the globe. In a career that thrives on connections, it’s vital that digital marketers focus their efforts on the right population and the right service or product.

So how do digital marketing efforts measure up when compared to other countries around the world, and where are quality digital marketing skills truly in demand?

A Skills Gap in Digital Marketing

According to McKinley, there's high demand for skilled digital marketers, while a reliable supply of talent is lacking throughout the industry. The report shares that over half of all marketing hires will be digital specialists, with content and digital advertising being the most sought after areas of specialization. For mid-level marketers, the news gets even better: you’re the area of expertise in highest demand for 2018. Although the skills gap in digital marketing is apparent in countries around the world, it is being felt more severely in some areas than others. The digital marketing skills in high demand quite often consist of:

Although many of the digital skills in high demand around the world can often fall into similar categories, the need for a specific set of digital-based skills is different between countries. For example, in an article written for Forbes, Troy Smith defines why mobile marketing is in such high demand in developing regions such as in Latin America and Africa.

While desktop computers were the primary source of internet connection for the majority of western countries, these developments were not widely available for some in developing countries. However, mobile technology was able to cast a wide net over these areas, meaning that mobile-optimized sites, apps, and services thrive. Rather than funneling people to websites, the digital marketers in these countries specialize in mobile-optimized strategies.

So, what countries have the highest demand for digital marketers globally, and why is the demand so high in some places compared to others?

  • Canada
  • India
  • America
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Australia
  • Ireland
  • Philippines

Average Salaries for Digital Marketers Around the Globe

Although the skills gap and the demand for digital marketers compared to the number of specialists available for the jobs is equal around the world, the average salaries of digital marketing specialists vary between countries.

Why Is There Such a Demand for Digital Marketers?

With over half of the world's population being active online, many companies realize the impact their marketing department has on the profits of their organization. To stay ahead of the competition in markets such as Europe, Asia, and North America where populations and internet usage are high, the demand for digital skills has doubled in just the last five years, according to Forrester Research.

For companies around the world, the need for digital marketing and social media management have become a necessity. For digital marketers, this is excellent news, as even high profile businesses are wanting to invest in digital marketing specialists to take their marketing team to new heights. One area of the world that has experienced a significant increase in demand for digital marketers and specialists in Australia. As the Australian economy moved away from traditional means of economic growth such as manufacturing, digital-based services are moving to the forefront of their economy.

In fact, the Digital Pulse Report by the Australian Computer Society found that the exports of information technology and communication technology have increased by 60% in five years. For digital marketers in Australia, this news of growth is welcome.

The Benefits of Specialization in Digital Marketing

The Benefits of Specialization in Digital Marketing

A career in digital marketing provides driven professionals to experience a multitude of advantages while benefitting their organization, in ways such as:

Increased wages: The increased demand to bridge the skill gap in marketing departments means that many organizations will be increasingly willing to negotiate higher salaries with potential digital marketing strategists. When you go in for an interview, ensure that you've done your research on what other digital marketing specialists with your experience are earning in that country, and make your desired salary known. Of course, the wages to be expected varies from country to country depending on their demand for digital marketing skills.

Opportunities for growth: Digital marketing is an industry that is continuously evolving. Think about it: is the way that you browse and use the internet the same as it was even three years ago? Chances are, the apps and social media platforms you use have probably changed immensely, meaning that the way digital marketers interact with you have, as well. These changes mean that digital marketers have had to evolve their skill set, and have probably been offered opportunities to grow and specialize in an area of digital marketing that they love along the way.

In demand skills: As a digital marketing specialist, businesses need you to thrive – and even survive – in the modern market. With such a demand for digital marketers, there will inevitably be more opportunities that match your values, interests, and skills. When you don't have to settle for a job with a company that you're not wholly behind, you'll be able to stay that much more connected with your tasks and get the results you and your marketing team are after.

Enjoy unparalleled flexibility: As a digital marketer, most of your time will be spent working online. Whether you're writing compelling web content or developing a major ad campaign for distribution on your social media networks, where you work isn't as important as it is in other industries.Some companies may expect you to work in-house, while other teams – such as social media scheduling company Buffer – have an entire employee team that works remotely. This flexibility allows you to choose the environment in which you thrive, in a country that most suits your unique needs.

Continuous learning: A career in digital marketing means that you'll never stop learning or expanding your skills. With a bounty of information surrounding your specialization online, including podcasts, blogs, and webinars from industry experts, there is no shortage of opportunities to learn more about your craft.

Become an In-Demand Specialist

Whether you’re looking to level-up your digital marketing skills for a chance at your dream job in another country or are completely new to the industry, a reputable diploma in digital marketing can help you stand out when compared to other applicants.

As best-in-class digital marketing certification courses often focus on highly sought after skills such as email marketing, SEO, and PPC advertising, these programs will be updated regularly to keep up with the regular changes that the digital landscape experiences.

If you're considering investing in further education to specialize in an in-demand digital marketing skill to meet the needs of a specific country, then make sure that you take time to research their unique needs and expected salaries. Although digital skills are needed around the world, the exact type of digital marketing specialization and pay will vary from country to country.

Additionally, it's vital to make sure that you upskill in a role that truly keeps you engaged. If writing stunning social media campaigns is your forte, invest in a digital marketing course that highlights persuasive writing. If you love processing data and designing content based on analytics, developing PPC content may be more up your alley.

No matter where you want to be a digital marketer, a digital marketing course will help you be recognized by companies that understand the significance of best-in-class digital marketing strategists.

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