Mar 9, 2022

Membership Spring Update 2022

by Digital Marketing Institute

Welcome to our Spring update…well, some people consider March 1st to be the first day of Spring, so we’ll go with that!

I hope this update finds you well wherever you are in the world. Our thoughts are with those members in Ukraine and its surrounding areas who are suffering in this very uncertain time; we really hope for more positive developments in the coming weeks and months.

We can now count 190,000 members in our community worldwide! That is a lot of learning and activity across the DMI library, thank you so much, every one of you for your continued engagement. In this update we’ll pause to see where things stand in the digital marketing industry and highlight some key content pieces for you.

Digital Marketing Headlines and the Year Ahead

Tech giant Meta (formally Facebook) continues to dominate the digital marketing news landscape, but for all the wrong reasons.

The company's stock price plummeted on February 3rd amidst a number of internal and external factors which saw the social platform struggle to please investors.

For the first time in 18 years the number of active monthly users on Facebook dropped quarter on quarter, closing out 2021 with less engagement. Add to this a struggle with Apple's new iOS privacy settings, increased competition from TikTok and increased spending on building the “Metaverse” and it's no surprise we saw a cool $220 billion wiped off the company's valuation. 

For more information on this story, watch our recent DMI Team Talk in the library; “Is Facebook in Decline? A closer look at a social giant”.

The aforementioned Apple update has really made waves in the last year and doesn’t just strike at the heart of Facebook and Instagram business model.

Given that over 75% of all iOS users have opted out of tracking using third party cookies, many advertisers are scrambling to reshape their digital marketing strategy.

The State of Digital Marketing in 2022

You can read more about these new developments, along with other big changes expected in the marketing world in 2022 in our extensive report, in collaboration with DMI experts, on the next big digital marketing trends in six key sectors. From YouTube advertising and TikTok, recruitment challenges, AI, dealing with the loss of third-party data, and evolving customer needs, the report covers a huge range of issues we should all be aware of. And, as ever, we aim to meet your needs in continuing your learning on all these new opportunities and challenges, through listening, researching, and providing the content and insights you need to grow your career and business.

Industry Experts on our Webinars

Speaking of data tracking changes, our recent webinar on first-party data included a breakdown of an actual campaign run by Wolfgang Digital which shows an alternative to using third party data - not only did this campaign surpass its KPIs, it also won awards.

In last week’s webinar on Social Commerce, popular presenter Alison Battisby revealed a wealth of insights and tips for making the most of your Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest shopfront. And a well-received webinar from Lorraine Griffin took us through the essentials of How to Write for Online Audiences.

Also, If you haven’t already watched it, our webinar on Burnout and Mental Wellbeing is an informative presentation for employees, employers, and freelancers on signs to watch for and common sense tips on how to manage the work-life balance in 2022.

Again on the topic of data and analytics, don’t miss our next webinar “Email Analytics: Measuring What Matters in a Privacy-Driven World” with Karen Talavera on March 23rd at 3 pm GMT. Register now.

We always appreciate your feedback on our webinars so don’t hesitate to contact us if there are specific topics you’d like us to consider covering.

DMI Live Streams and Social Media

Should you be looking for live content, look no further than our LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube channels.

Each month we bring you a DMI TeamTalk which deals with topical information and news within the digital marketing industry. Not only that but we also have our resident expert Cathal Melinn take a live Q&A on all things digital in our DMI Game Day series.

If you miss these live sessions, you can catch up with them in the Video section of our library. Be sure to catch our next DMI TeamTalk live on our channels on Monday, March 21st at 1 pm!

If you’re following us on social media, feel free to share any interesting DMI content you think might interest your wider circle. Oh, and don’t forget to check out our new TikTok channel!

Going Deeper with EBooks

Where Joe Williams previously tackled the needs of small businesses in understanding SEO, he has also focused his lens on how SEO applies to B2B operations in this latest eBook, a Guide to SEO for B2B.

Also in the zone of B2B is The DMI Guide to B2B Marketing by Julie Atherton.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming whitepaper written in collaboration with our expert industry champions from whom we gain a unique insight into the skills landscape in 2022.

Practical Help with Toolkits

Our most popular download last year was the 2021 social media calendar - well we’ve updated it for this year, with a few new ideas for holidays you might like to plan campaigns around for 2022. Or if you want to really get organized you can check out the full list of over 500 social media days.

If you have an idea for a toolkit you’d like to see on the member library let us know. Or maybe you have one you already use to great effect in your own work - contact us if you’d like us to add it to the library. You can also submit an article or eBook.

Learning on the Move with Podcasts

Our Ahead of the Game podcast is one place to keep pace with current developments in the marketing and tech worlds - indeed why not start with our review of where things stand in the next year or two with our 2022 Trends episode.

Last week’s episode saw a bit of a departure from the norm, when we interviewed the director of a theater company that managed to create great success for itself with smart use of marketing tools and techniques during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Other episodes you should catch up on were on The Future of Paid Search Advertising and a fascinating chat on how creativity can still fit with your digital transformation.

If you enjoy the podcast we’d love it if you can rate and review it on your preferred platform. Or let us know if you’re interested in coming on as a guest!

The Evolving World of Marketing

Our content library continues to publish thought pieces on current issues as well as deeper-level takes on areas marketers should consider. As social media marketing develops at an ever-faster pace we’ve looked again at how social media algorithms work, an overview of Instagram video formats, and a wide review of case studies in apps like TikTok, Twitch, and WeChat

You might like to learn about marketing on new platforms Twitch or WeChat, explore the digital rise of HSBC bank and the marketing success of real estate platform Zillow, or join us in considering how the marketing landscape has changed after two years of COVID-19.

You’ll find a couple of informative walkthroughs that cover Creating a LinkedIn Video Campaign, Hub Spot System Automation, and Play Store Promotion with Google Ads. Career-wise you can never keep optimizing your LinkedIn Profile, so we’ve updated our presentation on how to do that.

Don’t forget - our Online Glossary of terms is one of the most comprehensive online. You can also download a PDF version of it.

Member Community Updates

We have seen an increase in those of you engaging with our Continuous Professional Development (CPD) program in the last six months.

This is available to all of you who have already certified successfully with DMI and are looking to prove your up to date learning. We award Power Members with a CPD credit for each hour of learning across our Webinars, EBooks and courses.

You can also earn credits for digital marketing learning activities outside of DMI including external courses, attending events and webinars, and even imparting your knowledge to others.

We thank all 10,181 of you that submitted learning credits last year!

Our community forum is also awash with activity. Those of you currently engaged in learning on one of our courses will have noticed our recent addition of “Reflection” prompts to each module.

These new links allow you to voice your opinion or ask questions about the topics covered on your course. Thanks to the 1000’s of you who have chimed in so far and tapped into the hive mind of our member base.

We also welcome our Members to participate in our content. Power Members have always had a chance to submit an article or project they have been working on with us, but now we invite you to share your story and expertise for our DMI Gamechanger series.

For examples of this format, please watch back webinars including our alumni such as Troy Linehan or Carson Edwards Jr. and contact us if you feel you would be another great addition.

Are any of you looking to move roles this year?

You may be interested in our ever expanding Jobs Board. In the last months we have had interest from companies such as Nissan and Microsoft, government bodies and leading digital marketing agencies looking specifically for our students and graduates.

If you are hiring and are interested in tapping into our massive member base, please feel free to contact us and post the position.

For more on all the above, please contact us at for more information.

Wishing all of a peaceful Spring, and we’ll see you soon!



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