Link Building – Get Ideas and Produce Linkable Content

Link Building – Get Ideas and Produce Linkable Content

Writing on search is something I really enjoy. I don’t get as much time as I would like to produce real big articles but do try and guest on a few really good blogs. There are few better (if any) than Search Engine Land’s blog. I am currently using their amazing tool set and contributing to their excellent blog. Here are my two most recent posts over there in case you want to take a look:

1. How to Avoid Link Builders Block

This post deals with those projects in a market that isn't as linkable as others may be (nice way of saying boring). The technique described in this post is something I picked up during my NLP training (I am master qualified).

2. How to Create and Promote Content with Limited Time

This post covers a small content idea I put together to highlight the massive power of link building and how it should always be creative. There is so much you can do to generate natural links and for those of us who are creative – it’s a great field to work in. Not every project works out how you want but every project offers some great learnings so you can improve the next.

Hope you enjoy.

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