Feb 1, 2019

How Do I Get a Digital Marketing Job?

by Digital Marketing Institute

Studies suggest that adults change career between three and seven times during their working life. And it's never too late to change careers.

At present, there’s a notable digital skills gap across the globe and if you have the passion, drive and perseverance to gain the right competencies, a fun, rewarding, challenging and fruitful career in digital marketing could be yours.

If you are thinking of switching up your professional life and embarking on a career in digital marketing, knowing where to start and what to do is often easier said than done.

To help you get you off to the best possible start, here are the essential efforts you need to make to change careers and secure yourself a job in digital marketing.

Learn the Basics

Learn the Basics

Without a fundamental digital marketing knowledge and skillset, it's unlikely that you will be able to land yourself your first job in the industry.

That said, here are the essential areas you will need to study to get that all-important career change off the ground:

  • A grasp of Google Analytics (GA) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.
  • A certain confidence and competency in copywriting.

Understand the Industry

To change careers and make a successful shift in digital marketing, it's important to have not only a solid skill set but also demonstrate a genuine understanding of the latest trends and news surrounding this ever-evolving industry. For example, reading these publications will help:

  • The MOZ Blog
  • The Social Media Examiner
  • HubSpot
  • The official Neil Patel Blog

Gain Experience

Before you get that milestone first fully-paid job in digital marketing, gaining practical experience will not only give you more confidence and knowledge, but it will also make you far more attractive to prospective employers.

To gain the practical experience you need for success, you should hone your skills by taking the following measures:

  • Offer your services to friends or family with personal brands or business, conducting digital marketing projects for free in return for experience, testimonials and more to add to your list of credentials.
  • Start a personal blog to showcase your content writing skills or niche industry knowledge to prospective employers, or pitch out to publications for guest blogging opportunities. Doing so will also demonstrate your passion and proactive nature - two important attributes that people look for in prospective digital marketers.
  • Actively take part in social media conversations, sharing your compelling thoughts and content through your social media accounts regularly to gain exposure, demonstrate your expertise and practice your skills

Get Qualified

Get Qualified

Without a doubt, one of the best ways to validate your skills, gain a solid understanding of the digital marketing essentials and tap into an invaluable community of tutors and learners, is enrolling on an industry-recognized digital marketing course.

Not only will you earn a certificate the proves your skills and knowledge, but a digital marketing course worth its salt will provide access to a wealth of priceless resources while allowing you to study and gain a qualification as a pace, and time, that suits you.

Changing careers is a big decision that requires persistence, perseverance and commitment. While gaining the skills, confidence and knowledge required to break into digital marketing may be challenging at first, once you’ve taken those initial steps, you’ll soon realize just what a rewarding career that lies ahead.

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