Jul 1, 2019

Happy Birthday To Us! Membership Turns One

Written by Caroline Hollick-Ward

Membership Turns One!

Isn’t it amazing how time flies? This month at the Digital Marketing Institute, we’re celebrating the first year of our Membership service. Wahoo! 

We can’t believe how much we have seen membership grow - to thousands of members in over 130 countries, reading and using hundreds of pieces of content - and we have strived to provide a variety of resources to keep your learning and professional development on track.

You, our valued member, have been at the heart of everything we do. Your engagement and your support have been instrumental in the design, delivery and ongoing development of our membership service. 

By responding to our surveys and giving us on-point feedback you have helped us make sure we deliver content, webinars, tools, and career supports that keep you up-to-date and ahead of what's happening in today’s landscape - preparing you for the future in the areas that matter most to you. 

It’s been an eventful and successful 12 months, and it just keeps getting better!

We’ve had some exciting recent releases, such as three new free short courses on Analytics, CX Essentials and Content Marketing, which you can access here. Or have you seen our brand-new knowledge base that can answer any questions you have about your course, membership, or about CPD?  You can also use our comprehensive glossary to check up every digital marketing acronym and definition.

Our library... that is really your library! This will take on a whole new life as you take advantage of our exciting new initiative - "Publish Your Work". We are offering all our members a new way to share your own marketing insights and expertise within our broader (international) member community. We invite you to submit your own original article, case study or toolkit/template to be considered for our membership library. Once you submit our editorial team will work with you to ensure that your piece meets our publishing standards. We are thrilled to announce this opportunity and delighted to support you in becoming a sought after authority in your own right. 

““Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives – choice, not chance, determines your destiny.”” Aristotle

More and More Benefits

We have lots of new and exciting benefits coming down the line. Plenty more expert content is on its way which addresses key interests you have identified, such as careers, analytics, and more practical toolkits - as well as our ever-popular live webinars ( currently open for registration ). We are finalizing plans for our first DMI podcasts series and launching the community forum. The community forum is where you can ask a question to your fellow members, post a topic that you want to discuss or even ask your member community for assistance on a current work project. This will be a hugely valuable space where you can share and receive guidance or inspiration from your industry peers. 

Feeling A Bit Nosy?

To inspire you to consider sending us your own original insights, have a look at what content pieces the member community have most enjoyed…

I’d like to sign off, by giving you all a gigantic Thank You! To you, our members, for the part you’ve played in the great year we have had. It’s been an amazing experience, and we are looking forward to the next year, as we continue to celebrate our achievements together. 

This is only the beginning of our journey. Together, we stay relevant, stay connected and stay ahead.

Happy Birthday to us. All of us! 

Caroline Hollick-Ward
Caroline Hollick-Ward

Caroline was the Membership Manager with the Digital Marketing Institute until 2023. Caroline has worked in membership and event management for over a decade, and is dedicated to growing and developing the features, benefits and service offerings through a global membership community. Prior to this, Caroline has worked in both education and recruitment sectors.

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