Sep 23, 2014

The Anatomy of Your Digital Marketing Dream Team

by Digital Marketing Institute

According to a recent report by UPC, 59% of businesses plan to hire digital professionals in the next 18 to 24 months. But with limited resources and time, finding the perfect digital mix can be tricky.

We’ve identified some of the most valuable skill-sets that can make up the digital marketing team of your dreams. Have a limited budget? Before you plan your next hire take a look at the list below and identify the core skills your team are missing.

If you can only afford to recruit one or two people, don’t worry. Plenty of digital marketers hold a firm grasp of two or three of the below skills. However, the best digital hires you can make are specialists in their specific areas with a broad understanding of the digital marketing landscape.

1. The Creative

The Creative | The Anatomy of Your Digital Marketing Dream Team

Creative digital marketers are responsible for your brand’s messaging and are often focused on the user experience. This can include everything from your website’s images and copy to your online display ads and social media management. Creative types tend to work well with words, images and ideas. Their main mission? Develop an understanding of user intent to help convince and convert your customers.

Essential for: Building brand awareness, planning and implementing creative campaigns, generating new and innovative concepts, etc.

Traditional jobs: Copywriter, Graphic Designer, Advertising Executive, etc.

Digital jobs: Content Marketer, Digital Designer, Online Campaign Manager, Social Media Marketer, Email Marketer, etc.

2. The Relationship Builder

In the age of social media and online engagement, relationship building has never been more important. Relationship builders often have built up a large network of industry contacts. Some are industry influencers with large social media followings. And most are great at identifying and engaging with other key influencers online.

Relationship builders make excellent event planners, networkers and inbound marketers, often using their natural charm to build and foster useful contacts. They also make effective social media managers with their naturally helpful and likeable demeanour.

Essential for: Building key client and customer relationships, protecting your brand’s public reputation, increasing your brand’s visibility and reach.

Traditional jobs: PR Executive, Public Affair Consultant, etc.

Digital jobs: Inbound Marketer, Social Media Marketer, Digital PR Executive, etc.

3. The Analyser

Analytical digital marketers often make great decision-makers with their measured approach. Their main job is to understand and interpret data and communicate key findings to the wider team. They can be effective problem solvers and are often instrumental to helping your team’s strategist plan and budget effectively.

The best way to convince an analytical marketer to try a new idea? Through the presentation of data, statistics and facts. They warm well to ideas that have proven to generate leads and have an impact on your company’s bottom-line.

Essential for: Setting realistic goals, measuring and monitoring progress, generating leads, tracking your return on investment.

Traditional jobs: Marketing Manager, Business Analyst, etc.

Digital jobs: Analytics Specialist, Acquisition Specialist, PPC Analyst, CRM Data Analyst, Email Marketer, etc.

4. The Strategist

The Strategist | The Anatomy of Your Digital Marketing Dream Team

Strategists are great at planning and organising. They, therefore, make excellent leaders and project managers. Strategists have a natural ability to guide a project seamlessly from the contemplation stages right through to completion.

The strategist enjoys coming up with creative and measurable campaigns with the input of their team members. They work well with analytical marketers to help manage budgets and expectations and are often natural communicators with impressive presentation skills.

Essential for: Planning and directing marketing strategy, budgeting, managing projects and people, setting realistic goals, problem solving, getting things done.

Traditional jobs: Marketing Director, Project Manager, Marketing Executive, etc.

Digital jobs: Digital Strategy Planner, Digital Marketing Manager, SEO Strategist, etc.

Perhaps your team members are missing one or more of the above digital marketing skills? Our part-time Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing will help your employees gain the fundamental digital marketing skills needed for social media marketing, mobile marketing, Analytics management, strategy and planning and mobile marketing. They’ll learn the best-practices direct from leading practitioners currently working in the area without having to take a day off work. Next course starts soon – get in touch asap to book a place.

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