Aug 9, 2016

9 Things Educators Should Know About Digital Skills

by Digital Marketing Institute

As skills go, there are none so in demand as ones in digital. While this demand creates huge employment opportunities, many graduates and professionals are struggling to keep up with the pace of digital technologies making what's relevant today, outdated tomorrow.

For global companies the digital economy continues to thrive and global companies embark on or undergo digital transformation, talented professionals with the right skills are becoming more difficult to find.

As keeping skills up-to-date and current becomes more and more important, here are 9 reasons education providers should offer industry-validated and certified digital training programs that help upskill the knowledge of an organization's workforce across role and industry.

9 Reasons You Should Think About Digital Training

Did you know that US professionals struggle with their digital skills?

With digital marketing now an integral part of any business, the need for professionals with the right skills is a priority. Despite the need for these capabilities, the majority of marketers tested in our research failed to achieve entry level competency in digital marketing skills, with skill levels scoring equally low at just 38% across the USA, well short of the 60% mark. More worryingly the assessment revealed that only 8% of US marketers achieved entry level skills.

Download the full report today to find out more about digital skill levels and the state of organizational engagement with digital marketing on a global scale.

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