Mar 16, 2011

7 Ways Of Tracking Facebook Page Statistics And Analytics

Most people struggle to manage one Facebook page or profile but there are many businesses, agencies, publishers, freelancers and brands who have to manage multiple pages and this post is dedicated to you. Most good campaigns live or die by the data and analytics that they produce and I wanted to bring together a list of the best ways of tracking the data on Facebook. You can of course use Facebook’s own analytics and they are sure to improve over time but this list gives you a mixture of serious business tools, some quick research aids and some more light-hearted fun tools. Make sure to add any that I have missed to the comments and enjoy this list of Facebook analytics options…


Might as well start the list off with the most expensive one on the list and this solution from Webtrends is going to set you back some serious cash. Mostly used by medium to large brands and agencies you can drill down in to some serious detail but you will need some volume to find it in any way useful.

Real Time Analytics

So you have like buttons on your website but you are not sure how they are converting and what the traffic is doing? You’ll need a developer to help you implement this or at least a little technical knowledge but as they say it gives you “access to real-time analytics to optimize Like buttons across both your site and on Facebook.” You can read more about implementing it here.

All Facebook Stats

Quintly recently launched this is a great way of tracking multiple pages and places. They say that it “Benchmarking vs. competitors and best-practice examples as well as allowing you to manage large amounts of pages/places in one place".

Social Bakers

This one is completely free to use and it used to be called Facebakers until the big bad lawyers came along and asked them to change their name. You do have to connect your account using Facebook connect to unlock some of the features but the good news is that there is a whole wealth of free information in here including users per country, city, by brand and growth figures.

Wildfire App

This is a simple little app from Wildfire who allow you to compare up to 3 Facebook pages and it’s a great way of tracking competitors and it even allows you to set up alerts around different spikes in traffic. You can of course pay to unlock even more features.

Facebook Grader

You may have seen the Grader range of products for websites and other web products and this is their version for Facebook. They give you a score out of 100 and also tell you where you rank among the other pages that have been ranked. This services doesn’t really offer you much insight but it does give you a quick overview of where your own page or your competitors rank.

How Much Is Your Page Worth?

I add this one to the list in a joking way because there is no way that you could ever use an automated tool to calculate the real value of a Facebook page and there wouldn’t be a value or buyer for your page. It is however a little harmless fun to calculate how much your Facebook page is worth. Apparently somebody would pay us 14k for ours. Haha where is that person?

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