Professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing

Social media has grown to be one of the primary communication channels on the internet. It has also become an essential component to many businesses in their digital marketing strategies.

The Professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing will teach you all of the essential skills needed to excel as a social media marketer.

The Digital Marketing Institute ethos is to take digital knowledge directly from industry leaders, they design and teach our formalised, accredited syllabus so you learn real skills that will drive your career forward in social media marketing.

This course will guide you through thirty hours of in-depth learning in the following disciplines:

The Professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing is ideal for those who are responsible for the planning, execution or measurement of social media marketing campaigns or anyone wishing to expand their skillset and career opportunities.

We welcome those of all levels of experience or skills and will prepare them to engage specifically with social media marketing within the overall digital marketing domain.

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  • Price: €1,995.00 (inc-VAT)

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Social Media Marketing

    The Introduction to Social Media Marketing Module enables course participants to harness the power of digital marketing as a core driver of the marketing strategy for their organisation.… Read more
  • Content Creation

    The Content Creation Module introduces you to the concept of engaging with, and acquiring customers using the creation and sharing of media content.… Read more
  • Content Outreach

    The Content Outreach Module introduces you to the concept of content seeding and how to use content effectively over multiple social platforms.… Read more
  • Facebook

    The Facebook module provides you with a comprehensive understanding of how Facebook works as a platform for community building, content marketing and brand promotion.… Read more
  • Twitter

    This module equips you with the knowledge of how Twitter operates and the value it represents for businesses as a marketing and promotion platform.… Read more
  • LinkedIn

    The LinkedIn module gives you a comprehensive understanding of the benefits to using LinkedIn for marketing purposes.… Read more
  • Google+

    The Google+ module introduces you to the benefits of incorporating Google+ into your social media marketing strategy.… Read more
  • YouTube

    The YouTube module provides you with a comprehensive understanding of how YouTube works as a content sharing platform and how this can be introduced into a broader marketing strategy. … Read more
  • Future Trends

    This module examines the latest emerging trends in social media and new platforms on which you can share your content.… Read more
  • Strategy and Planning

    The Strategy and Planning module ties the Professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing together.… Read more

Course Lecturers

  • Lorraine Griffin

  • Paul O Mahony

  • Cian Corbett

  • Philip MaCartney

Course Overview

Through dynamic lectures and case studies, social media experts will take you through the latest techniques for content creation and outreach across all the core social networks, giving you a practical knowledge of how to create best practice paid and organic social media campaigns yourself.

The Digital Marketing Institute’s panel of Subject Matter Experts has specifically structured the syllabus to focus on current trends and best practices in social media marketing. As well as producing innovative and creative social media strategies, you will also learn how to leverage these strategies to gain competitive advantage for both your business and your career.



The Digital Marketing Institute is the global certification standard in digital marketing, producing more graduates trained to a single digital marketing standard than any other certification body. Our syllabus defines the framework, skill and competency required to meet the current and future demands of the digital economy, and our practical, industry-driven qualifications are recognised around the world.

Who Should Attend?

The Professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing is suitable for people who are responsible for the planning, execution and management of social media campaigns. Social media specialist, enthusiasts, executives or anyone who would like to enhance their digital marketing knowledge base in this area would excel on this course.

This diploma is suitable for any level of skills or experience and is designed to prepare you to engage specifically with social media marketing within an overall digital marketing domain.

Objectives & Outcomes

The Professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing will teach you the skills to execute a comprehensive social media strategy encompassing the disciplines of content creation, Facebook and Twitter, including;

Content Creation

  • Engaging with and acquiring customers with on-point content

  • Distinguishing between traditional and digital-friendly elements of marketing

  • Applying digital marketing tactics to your overall marketing campaign



  • How to use Facebook for Business and develop a digital marketing page

  • Use of Facebook features for digital marketing, such as Facebook Ads

  • Planning and delivery of a Facebook Advertising strategy

  • KPI monitoring and ongoing measurement



  • The value of Twitter for business use as a marketing and promotion platform

  • Targeting specific demographics to build your following

  • The use of the likes of hashtags and geotagging and how these benefit a business


Strategy and Planning

  • Social media marketing audit

  • Plan objectives, audience and budgets

  • Execution and reporting on an iterative social media marketing campaign


Want to become a social media specialist? Take the first step for free

Social Media Marketing is one of the fastest growing disciplines within digital marketing.

Social networks have grown to become one of the primary communication channels on the internet. Conversations about your brand and industry are taking place online continually, with or without your engagement.

Our Professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing, launched in August 2014, is the first industry designed and taught course in this specialism.

The 30 hour programme teaches you everything you need to know to become a social media marketing expert. Each of our ten modules are taught by expert industry professionals, who will take you through the core social media specialisms and teach you the principles of effective social communication.

Upon completion of the course, you will earn an accredited certification which is recognised in over 50 countries around the world.

Don’t just take our word for it – study the Introduction to Social Media Marketing module completely free and begin to gain the skills you need to plan, build and measure effective social media strategies.

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  • Why should I study with the Digital Marketing Institute?

    All of the courses we offer are unique in that industry professionals produce our syllabus. This ensures that the content is updated regularly by people in the area of digital marketing that face new issues in the working lives that need to be included on a course.

    We also have a wide geographical range. Our courses are taught in over 40 countries around the world and can be taught in person or in an online environment. Our student support system is next to none and we are always on hand for students who need to speak to someone.

  • Do I need a background in marketing or IT?

    Anyone can apply for the Professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing. A background in a related discipline is not required – the aim of the Professional Diploma is to allow you to learn everything you need to know about social media marketing; and to kick-7start a new and exciting career.

    You may be a business owner looking to take your online marketing to the next level or you may be someone looking for a change of career. The only prerequisite is that you have in an interest in a digital marketing career.

  • Where will my qualification be recognised?

    Our qualifications are world class. We offer courses in over 40 countries and are courses are recognised by the Scottish Qualifications Authority. This allows you to take your Digital Marketing Institute qualification with you, no matter where your exciting career may take you.

  • How is the course assessed?

    The Professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing is assessed by one three hour exam; these are administered by our  computer-based testing partner, Pearson Vue, via its global network of test centres. Your examination fee (approximately €60 or local currency equivalent) is payable directly to the centre when you book your examination.

  • How much will the course cost?

    The Professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing costs €1,995, including a deposit of €195.

  • More questions?

    If you want to know anything else about the Professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing, please contact the admissions team at with your query.

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Professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing

This brochure provides you with a snapshot overview of the Professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing programme.

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Feedback for Digital Marketing Institute has been compiled from 11 customer reviews

Date Score Customer Comment

Service rating : Very proactive and well organised.
Product : Great course content well delivered.


I enjoyed the course, they provided me with lots of insight and information, however, I found some of the content a bit repetitive from module to module. A few of the lecturers were not very engaging and that made it difficult to follow consistently because I would eventually lose interest or drop to sleep. Nonetheless, I particularly enjoyed the Display Marketing and Social Media modules. I think more assistance should also be given with going about designing the final project.

We Replied:

Thanks for your feedback. We have been working on releasing new versions of our syllabus on a regular basis, and finding ways of improving the learning experience, including increased interaction amongst students.. We are glad you had a positive experience, and we will be using your feedback to help improve our service further.


Service rating : Very informative and well structured course
Product : Professional imparting real life knowledge was invaluable

We Replied:

Thanks for the feedback, we’re glad you enjoyed the course. We pride ourselves on offering practical, real life experience that you can put to work immediately.


Service rating : Professionally run company.
Product : Really enjoyed the course!

We Replied:

Thank you kindly for your positive feedback.


Service rating : From initial contact to the very end all the staff were extremely helpful and the facilities for the course were great
Product : Overall it was a good introduction to digital marketing, personally I found it a bit basic but that's not DMIs fault. My only criticism would be that there were questions in the exam that were not covered in the course.

We Replied:

We’re glad you enjoyed the course and working with the Digital Marketing Institute. We run a variety of courses for different experience levels and backgrounds, but we trust that the breadth of the course will also have been of value to you. We have also been, and will regularly continue to, updating our syllabus and exam questions to ensure that you get the best experience possible.


Service rating : Some initial teething problems, but they were well handled by DMI.
Product : Overall I enjoyed the course. As I noted in other feedback, I think more hands-on practical sessions would have been great.

We Replied:

We’re glad that you enjoyed the course and that our Programme Management team was able to assist you. We have been listening to your feedback and expanded offering as a result, with more supports now in place.


Service rating : Good ideas and organization
Product : Good professors and good level of innovation/education

We Replied:

Thank you for your positive feedback.


The course was nicely varied and each lecturer brought good clear concise examples according to their daily business practices. Good tips of what to and where digital mistakes can be made assisted the class greatly.

We Replied:

Thanks for your feedback. One of the best features of our courses, according to customer surveys, is the practical nature of the learning, and we’re glad that you had the same experience.


Service rating : Really good service, everybody answering mails and phone etc. Everyone pleasant in my dealings with you.
Product : I'm not saying excellent though it;s very close. My reservation is in application of the knowledge, totally up to the student. So your Dip. is an old-fashioned lecture style education where experts tell you everything they know. One more thing, several times during the week different lecturers contradicted on another on points of information. It's an evolving area but this is confusing.

We Replied:

Thanks for the response. We have been listening to your feedback and have implemented a series of improvements to our syllabus, and will continue to do so. Digital is an evolving area, and we have been working to ensure that our courses keep pace. We have also expanded our offering with more practical exercises. We’re very glad you found our service levels strong.


Service rating : If the quest is to really find out more about what students thought of the DMI then you might be better breaking this question into subject & ranking e.g. out of 5 - Quality of lecturers 4. Quality of college admin 1. Quality of Information about Assignment approach 3 (only after pushing the college). Not a great score! In fact it clearly falls into the 'Poor'. The admin performance skewed the otherwise and more importantly, quality of lecturers score. I'll mark it Good, but Admin issues need to be addressed. Also, the Course Director should loose her very prickly and very defensive attitude when a problem is clearly the colleges: (mine and another students assignment could not be uploaded on Friday 4th July! (2 out of 26 ... put anther way, 7% of the Post Graduate students failed to upload their assignment due an unforeseen technical hitch with the DMI) I called on the Monday (not angry, these things happen but it was a stressful Friday) but to make the suggestion that in future it might be wise to have an emergency IT number in the event that something goes wrong. The Course Facilitator, who has always been so approachable, agreed with my suggestion. The Course Director as I said, prickly and defensive. Definitely needs to attend ‘how to listen and respond to the customer’ school.
Product : Again in my opinion better to break this question into subject & ranking e.g. out of 5 - Quality of Lecturers 4. Quality of lectures 4. Quality of Course Facilitator 4. Quality of Notes 4.

We Replied:

Thank you for your very detailed feedback. We’re glad you enjoyed the course content, and our apologies that you ran into an issue with assignment submission. This feedback is important to us, and we have implemented a series of improvements at a process and technology level in response.


Service rating : Everyone I dealt with was excellent. Can't fault the service.
Product : Loved the course just a little disappointed I had to repeat one of the exams.

We Replied:

Thank you very much for your positive feedback.

Who validates our syllabus?

The Syllabus Advisory Council is the industry based working group which defines and validates Digital Marketing Institute syllabus content. The Council contributes to the development of internationally recognised standards supporting digital marketing education by ensuring the consistency of our industry-led training and certification programmes. find out more…

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The next enrollment deadline is Wednesday, 8th July
Price: €1,995.00 (inc-VAT)