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Rise to the
Digital Challenge

While the need to adopt and harness digital technologies may be known as the way to succeed, many organizations are not sure how or where to begin.

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Our experience in the digital sphere makes us uniquely placed to understand the hurdles organizations comes across.

The key challenges we experience are two-fold.The first is the scale of change needed to make a business digitized to compete and thrive in the digital economy. The second is the lack of skilled digital professionals available to guide and support an organization. Both pose great challenges, but with our support, both are solvable.

Skills Gap

While once confined to the IT department, digital technologies now permeate the width and breadth of an organization. As a result, the demand for digital professionals with relevant and up-to-date skills is soaring, with no sign of slowing down.

With the hunt for skills creating a ‘war for talent’, organizations need to look internally to assess what digital expertise exists in their workforce. By identifying skills and knowledge along with the digital gaps, the Digital Marketing Institute can develop a learning program that addresses the specific needs of an organization. 


Professional Certification

Our professional certification validates the digital prowess of your organization and sets the standard for your employees' knowledge and skills across the business.


How strong are
your organization's
digital skills?

Just how much does your staff know about digital marketing? We've developed the Digital Diagnostic to help you find out.

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