What Does GPT Really Mean for Digital Marketing?

9th Feb 2023 03:00pm BST
What Does GPT Really Mean for Digital Marketing?

Curious to learn how ChatGPT and its underlying technology GPT-3 are actually going to impact marketing?

Wondering how your job might change?

Join us for a live expert discussion with two experts where we'll look at what's happening today, where things might go and what this explosion in AI assistance means for SEO and Search now that Microsoft and Google are pitched in the game.

Danny Richman is the founder of Richman SEO Training. Danny has helped organisations grow their online traffic since the birth of the internet. He has been actively working with GPT-3 to explore and create tools for marketers (click here for examples). Clients include BBC, Vodafone & Salesforce. Danny also volunteers for the Prince’s Trust supporting disadvantaged young people to start their own business

Clark Boyd Over the last 12 years, Clark has devised and implemented international marketing strategies for brands including Americanican Express, Adidas, and General Motors. Today, Clark works with business schools at the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, and Columbia University to design and deliver their executive-education courses on data analytics and digital marketing.

Clark is a certified Google trainer and runs Google workshops across Europe and the Middle East. This year, he has delivered keynote speeches at leadership events in Latin America, Europe, and the US. You can find him on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Slideshare. He writes regularly on Medium and you can subscribe to his email newsletter, hi,tech.

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  • Feb 9th 2023
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