COMPLETED Level-Up Your Email Marketing with Proven Optimization Strategies

20th Apr 2021 02:00pm GMT
COMPLETED Level-Up Your Email Marketing with Proven Optimization Strategies

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Eager to take your email marketing from basic to breakthrough, but wondering how?

Since the early days of web pages, CRO (conversion rate optimization) has been the holy grail of digital and e-commerce success. And what's one of the biggest drivers of visitor traffic to websites and landing pages? That’s right, email marketing! So if your email isn’t optimized for high open, click-through and audience engagement, your downstream metrics (and site revenue) will pay the price.

In this webinar, we hear from Karen Talavera, founder of Synchronicity Marketing and international email marketing expert, with a clear breakdown of where and how to optimize email marketing campaign response, the payoff of different tactics, and a process for getting it done.  After last year’s pandemic-driven surge in digital marketing and e-commerce, now’s the time to test, learn and get the best bang for your email marketing efforts or risk being left in the dust by your competitors.

So take your best shot - understand what you can control, test, and change to quickly reach - or exceed - desired results.  Karen will dissect four crucial optimization areas of email which are guaranteed to boost both insight and returns for B2B & B2C marketers alike. This is following on from her highly insightful webinar on The Utlimate Blueprint for Email Marketing

In this session we’ll explore:

  • Open rate and language optimization - why it matters and you should be doing it!
  • Offer and CTA tactics and tests that move the needle on conversions and sales
  • The critical importance of timing, frequency, and cadence in campaign deployment and design
  • The psychology of response - tactics to motivate action and urgency, and improve response as a result

Karen will be providing best practice examples so you can see the real effect of optimization - how it becomes a key player in changing up your email marketing game, connecting with your audience, and making the right impression where and when it counts.

So join us too - BAM! - take your email marketing game up a notch.

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