Alumni Survey Results 2016

Find our how Digital Marketing Institute Alumni progress faster and earn more through our industry validated digital programs.

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Enhance your employability

The demand for skilled digital professionals is substantial. This demand is not only stimulating job creation, it’s prompting competition between employers as they struggle to secure individuals with vital digital capabilities.

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Professional Certification

84% were so happy with their learning experience, they would encourage friends, family or colleagues to study with us while 92% of graduates say “My Digital Marketing Institute qualification has had a positive impact on my career”

Fast track your career

The Digital Marketing Institute offers a series of globally recognized and respected certifications that will enable you to further your career and cultivate a competitive edge, whatever level you start at.

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Earn more

Whether you’re in an entry level role, a business owner, or part of a management team, the Digital Marketing Institute can help you to strengthen your skills and advance both in terms of seniority and salary.

Our Students Succeed

The Digital Marketing Institute is committed to helping our students fulfill their digital potential. Through strategic, sustainable education courses, we are helping to close the digital skills gap to guarantee success for both individuals and organizations!

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There’s a common misconception that the digital industry is exclusively suited to the millennial generation, but regardless of age, a digital certification can significantly benefit your career progression.

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