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Designed to make learning accessible, simple and convenient, our textbook enables digital marketing strategy success

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Welcome to the online home of The Art of Digital Marketing! With the recommended textbook for our certification now in your hands, you can start a journey that provides you with the tools, knowledge and insights needed to excel in the heady world of digital.

As you may have discovered, this book follows a structured approach underpinned by The Digital Marketing Institute’s 3i principles - Initiate, Iterate and Integrate which are expressed through each of the 10 chapters. 

Through a simple and usable process, each chapter covers a distinct digital marketing specialism that forms the basis for your activities in that area. In addition, exercises and action plans are included to help you design a comprehensive and successful digital marketing strategy.

Designed to make learning simple, accessible and convenient, the book offers insightful case studies for each chapter. 

This additional material is exclusively available below and will ensure a greater depth of understanding of digital marketing through real-life scenarios.

Book Supporting Materials

Practical Exercises

Chapter 2 - Search Engine Marketing - SEO : View Exercise

Chapter 3 - Search Engine Marketing - PPC : View Exercise

Chapter 4 - Email Marketing : View Exercise

Chapter 5 - Digital Display Advertising : View Exercise

Chapter 6 - Social Media Marketing - Part 1 : View Exercise

Chapter 7 - Social Media Marketing - Part 2 : View Exercise

Chapter 8 - Mobile Marketing : View Exercise

Chapter 9 - Analytics : View Exercise

Case Studies

Email Marketing - Case Study : View Case Study

Mobile Marketing - Case Study : View Case Study

Social Talent - Case Study : View Case Study

Display - Case Study : View Case Study

Search - Case Study : View Case Study

SEO - Case Study : View Case Study

Analytics - Case Study : View Case Study

Heineken - Case Study : View Case Study

Ian Dodson

Co-Founder and Director of the Digital Marketing Institute

A visionary leader and prominent advocate for education and digital literacy, he has a background in strategic leadership, business development, digital marketing and international partner management.

For the past 8 years, Ian has served as Director of the Digital Marketing Institute and in that time has helped to establish the company’s qualifications as the most widely taught global certification standard in digital marketing. 

With a passion for student-centric outcomes and an advocate for education and digital literacy, Ian believes digital technologies are empowering tools for raising economic and social standards globally.

Ian Dodson, Co-Founder

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