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Get the competitive edge in 2017 with a Professional Diploma in Mobile Marketing. Download a brochure to find out more.

Professional Diploma in Mobile Marketing


Learn how to create and implement mobile strategies to help transform your career and company with some of the industry’s leading mobile marketing experts. Meet and exceed your mobile marketing goals through the application of the latest methods, techniques, and tools.

With the Professional Diploma in Mobile Marketing you will acquire skills in essential mobile specialisms including mobile site design, app development, multi-channel marketing and mobile commerce. This course is suitable for individuals who are responsible for the planning, execution or measurement of mobile marketing campaigns - mobile marketing specialists, mobile advertising executives, or anyone who would like to pursue a career or enhance their marketing knowledge base in this area.

Professionals are advised to apply in advance to secure their place.

The next enrollment deadline is Wednesday, 18th January.

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What You'll Learn

Introduction to Mobile Marketing

You will be introduced to the unique connectivity of mobile marketing, and the opportunity to engage and transact with a broader target audience in a relevant and adaptable way. 

You will gain exposure to a variety of mobile marketing practices, from SMS and MMS marketing, to responsive website design and mobile gamification. 

The Professional Diploma in Mobile Marketing is rooted in a firm analytical context, and you will learn to measure and report on campaigns in order to iterate and enhance campaign effectiveness.

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Mobile Messaging

This module will teach you about the significant marketing opportunities that can harnessed by utilizing mobile messaging, including SMS and MMS. You will learn about push messaging, and how it functions as part of an active mobile marketing engagement strategy. 

You will learn what is involved in building a mobile subscriber list and be aware of the need to implement opt-ins and opt-outs, as with other permission-based practices such as email marketing. 

The module will familiarize you with key mobile messaging techniques, from short codes and keywords, to Rich Communication Services (RCS) and Over-The-Top (OTT) content delivery, and demonstrate how a mobile messaging campaign is developed, executed and optimized.

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Mobile Sites

The Mobile Sites module will introduce you to the concept of mobile optimized websites, and their increasing importance in catering to a largely mobile audience. You will be able to identify the key features, advantages and potential limitations of both adaptive and responsive mobile web design, and recognize the impact of screen size, display, legibility, scroll, zoom and navigation on user experience and customer engagement. 

You will be able to integrate your social media and mobile marketing to maximize customer engagement, and learn about the importance of testing to ensure your mobile site is best positioned to convert as many visitors as possible.

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Mobile Apps

You will learn about the key stages in the mobile app development process, and gain an understanding of the main characteristics of mobile apps, what they are and when to use them. You will be able to choose between native, web and hybrid apps based on their suitability to your specific business goals, and understand why it’s necessary to design mobile apps to complement your social media efforts and create a cohesive brand experience for existing and potential customers. 

You will become familiar with the app submission process for the main app stores, including Apple, Google Play, Windows and many others. You will also learn how to measure the effectiveness of your app using mobile app analytics, and become familiar with emergent trends within mobile apps.

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Mobile Advertising

The Mobile Advertising module centers upon the concept of mobile advertising as a one-on-one, bilateral marketing exchange, which offers unique opportunities and advantages for marketers. You will learn about the different advertising channels to which you can allocate your digital ad spend, such as video and in-app ads, and the various ad formats you can use as part of an optimized mobile advertising campaign. 

You will be able to select different ad networks to suit your campaign, and know how to leverage the unique targeting and segmentation options available within mobile advertising.

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Mobile Video

This module will help you to learn about and navigate the mobile video ecosystem, and how you can make the most of its potential virality to extend your brand’s reach and better engage with customers. You will learn about the prevalence of video blogging (vlogging), and how you can adopt and adapt this practice in order to influence and convert your target audience. 

You will become familiar with key video ad formats and how to select the appropriate format to support your campaign. The module will teach you about mobile video apps and how advertising on them can gain you visibility in front of a previously untapped audience, and how to promote particular video content in order to achieve your overall business goals.

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Mobile Games Marketing

You will learn how to take advantage of mobile games consumption in order to target and incentivize your target audience and become familiar with best practice and current trends. The module will teach you about various mobile game formats and how to select a format that best complements your brand. You will be exposed to examples of strategic brand promotion within mobile games and learn how to replicate this for your own business where appropriate. 

You will be able to segment different gamer personas and understand the concept of ‘gamification’, and the idea of employing mobile gaming conventions in non-game scenarios in order to attract and accommodate customers.

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Mobile Commerce

The Mobile Commerce module helps students learn about the networks, systems and consumer behaviors that make up the mCommerce ecosystem. 

In the module, participants are provided with updates and insights on global mCommerce statistics and trends. Participants will learn about the main market players, both portals and system providers, and learn how mCommerce operates in terms of mCommerce websites, mWallets, mPayments, mCoupons, and mVouchers. 

Participants will be able to access different analytics and measurement tools and conduct standard reporting in order to enhance and improve their mCommerce strategy.

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Cross Channel

The Cross-Channel module is concerned with how the narrative and customer story for conveying brand, product and service marketing messages will be built across multiple digital marketing channels through different digital devices, and based on various mobile marketing platforms. 

In the module, participants learn how to plan the customer journey, from the search and inquiry stage, through to product selection and purchase.

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Strategy & Planning

The Strategy and Planning module brings together all the strands of the Professional Diploma in Mobile Marketing, teaching participants to create a structured and well considered, coherent Mobile Marketing plan. 

The Strategy and Planning module provides participants with the skills to create a formal Mobile Marketing plan for their organisation that will allow participants to implement a successful and effective mobile marketing strategy.

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Anyone can apply for the Professional Diploma. A background in a related discipline is not required; the aim of the Professional Diploma is to enable you to learn everything you need to know at a foundation level, so you can kick start your digital career. You could be a business owner, a traditional or digital marketing professional, a recent graduate, or simply looking to change your career. The only prerequisite is that you have an interest in digital marketing and want to progress your career.
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