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Galvanize your reputation as a digital marketing expert with a Masters in Digital Marketing. Enroll now for January 2017.

Masters in Digital Marketing


If you want to join an exclusive community of highly recognized digital marketing specialists, the Masters in Digital Marketing is the most advanced qualification.

The Masters in Digital Marketing is a customized award at Masters level, awarded by the Digital Marketing Institute.

Graduates are recognized as "Digital Thought-Leaders" having developed the expertise to manage a successful and sustainable digital marketing strategy and completed a piece of research that is extremely valuable to their industry.

This course commences February 1st 2017.

Applications due by Wednesday 18th January

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What you'll learn

Programme Introduction

The Masters in Digital Marketing is ideal for experienced marketing and business professionals who want to validate their expertise at a senior digital marketing level. The specialist level of knowledge you develop will place you among the top digital marketing professionals in the industry. 

Through 150 hours of specialist on-demand digital marketing content, dynamic lectures, case studies and instructional webinars you will gain exposure to the latest techniques and tools for improving your digital marketing and brand building efforts. You will also receive the guidance of both a digital industry expert and academic supervisor to assist you with the writing of your thesis.

The Masters can take between 12 to 24 months to complete; you have up to 60 weeks to complete stage one of the Masters, and an additional 52 weeks to complete stage two. Stage one consists of 150 hours of specialist digital content and the completion of two assignments. Stage two will involve a series of online webinars and mentorship to support the completion of your research-based thesis.

Stage 1 of the Masters in Digital Marketing comprises the following four core modules, along with additional lectures focused on email marketing and eCommerce.

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Module 1: Search Marketing

Search marketing remains one of the most influential digital disciplines with over 90% of web users relying on search engines to find what they are looking for. This module gives you all the skills you need to build effective search marketing campaigns. 

Students will gain an intricate knowledge of all search disciplines from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising and analytics.

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Module 2: Social Media Marketing

Social networks have grown to become one of the primary communication channels on the internet. Conversations about your brand and industry are taking place online continuously, with or without your engagement. 

Learning how to be part of that conversation and how to positively influence it to build brand credibility and grow your business is essential. Under the social media module, students will gain an invaluable understanding of how to monitor, analyse, manage and evaluate their social media marketing efforts and budgetary spend.

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Module 3: Mobile Marketing

In the evolution of digital, the most important step has been the leap from the internet on your desktop to the internet in your hand. Mobile is one of the fastest growing disciplines within digital marketing; the world’s leading digital brands now design and optimize for mobile first and desktop second. 

The Mobile Marketing module helps you to develop a range of skills you need to excel as a mobile marketing specialist, harnessing the unique power and connectivity associated with mobile marketing. Most importantly, it provides you with the opportunity to engage and transact with your target audience in a relevant and meaningful way based on the context of mobile.

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Module 4: Digital Strategy and Planning

Most marketers are now expected to know how to develop both digital and traditional strategies, but there are crucial differences between the two. The Digital Strategy and Planning module provides you with the know-how to effectively plan, budget and resource digital marketing campaigns. 

Our course will equip you with the skills to develop a digital marketing strategy that will stand up to the rigour and scrutiny of board-level decision making. Everything from budgeting, personnel selection and analytics, to reputation management and social customer service is covered in this module; arming you with the vital knowledge you need to develop comprehensive, effective digital marketing strategies of your own.

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Thesis Development

The second stage of the Masters focuses on a series of online webinars and the development of your thesis. Stage two allows you to research and explore your chosen digital area of focus and refine your analytical skills. 

You’ll be required to submit your thesis proposal for approval prior to beginning stage two, which enables you to apply your insights from the webinar content to your research topic from the outset. These webinars will consist of practical guidance to help you structure your thesis, undertake primary research, interpret results and present your findings. The Masters thesis is a carefully argued scholarly paper. Written under the guidance of an academic supervisor, you will present an original argument that is supported by primary and/or secondary sources.

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Advance your career with a Masters in digital marketing

Further your career and achieve more with the Digital Marketing Institute 

Flexible study options

Whether you are studying at home, or on a tablet on your way to work, you can enjoy 24-hour access to video lectures, slide presentations, practical exercises, interactive quizzes and a supportive student network. Never fear missing a class again.

Designed and validated by industry experts

We bring together the world’s leading digital brands and agencies to review and approve your syllabus and course content. We work with companies such as Google, Facebook and Twitter to define a syllabus that will develop your digital career.

Internationally Recognized Accreditation

Exam questions are developed in alignment with the course syllabus, which means that every student, no matter who or where they are, is certified to the same standard.

Experience the Global Standard

Our courses are taught in over 70 countries around the world and we have trained more graduates to a single digital education standard than any other certification body.

Our Alumni thrive

Our students are working for top companies across the globe!

Over 92% of graduates say that the Digital Marketing Institute qualification has had a positive impact on their career

Admission Requirements

To apply for the Masters in Digital Marketing, you must meet the minimum admission requirements:

The cost of the Masters in Digital Marketing is .

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Got Questions? Get Answers

We love questions, almost as much as we love providing answers. Here are a few samples of what we’re typically asked, along with our responses: 

How much does the Masters in Digital Marketing course cost?
The total cost of the Masters Programme is . Students will be granted access to the Masters programme on payment of course fees. You can fast track your career whatever your budget. Speak to your education consultant today about our easy payment options.
How is the Masters course assessed?
To complete the first stream of the Masters, you will be required to submit two digital marketing assignments; a digital marketing research paper and a digital marketing strategy. These assignments are designed to offer students the opportunity to produce meaningful and practical digital marketing projects focused on their own career or business aspirations.In your second stream of study, you will be required to complete a digital marketing thesis which presents an original argument based on significant research into a particular digital marketing specialism.
Why should I study with the Digital Marketing Institute?
The Digital Marketing Institute is the global certification standard in digital education. To date, over 18,000 people in 115 countries have studied with the Digital Marketing Institute qualification, making ours the most widely taught digital certification standard in the world. The Digital Marketing Institute collaborates with global digital experts to define and develop the skills and qualifications required of today’s digital professionals.

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