20 Things Leaders Need to Know to Master Digital Transformation (infographic)

When it comes to digital business transformation, product improvement and technology are the biggest-rising priorities for CEOs, while a large proportion intent on building up in-house technology (57%) and digital capabilities (29%). 

Despite this commitment to digital and pressure from Boards to become a digital business, many leaders are struggling with its implementation, while others have difficulties understanding how to measure it effectively. 

The key to a successful digital transformation is to take a bird's-eye view of the business. It's about leadership. It's about people and customers. It's about becoming a digital leader and elevating to the ranks of digerati. 

In this infographic, we explore 20 things that leaders should know in order to embark on and progress their digital transformation. After all, it's the businesses that get it right that reap the rewards reporting increased market share, customer engagement, more positive employee morale and increased revenue.

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Clodagh O'Brien
Senior Content Specialist