7 Essential Interview Tips for Your Digital Marketing Dream Job [Infographic]

Author Sophie Elizabeth Smith
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The digital revolution has made an irreversible impact on jobs growth and recruitment at a global level.

According to McKinley, 90% of all marketing roles now require a degree of digital skills and experience – digital is no longer a desirable addition, it’s an integral component of any strong skillset.

A growing number of organizations are adopting digital strategies and allocating an increasing proportion of their marketing budget to digital practices in response to the increased ROI that they can bring.

Because of these demonstrable benefits, the demand for skilled, adaptable digital professionals has never been higher.

64% of recruiters report a shortage of skilled digital marketers

Despite this need, there is an undeniable digital skills gap that is affecting organizations and their ability to hire competent candidates. As demand far outweighs supply, these companies find themselves in competition with one another, which often results in increasingly lucrative salaries and benefits packages.

As a skilled, cross-functional digital professional, you are a precious commercial commodity, and incredibly well positioned to be able to gain the job of your dreams! All you need to do is present the most persuasive argument possible to a potential employer that demonstrates you are the perfect candidate for the role.

The interview stage of the recruitment process can be an intimidating prospect for even the most seasoned professional. Below, we’ve shared an infographic that explores 7 essential tips that will help you successfully navigate your job interview and bring you one step closer to securing your ideal career opportunity!

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