3 Ways to Write Effective Headlines

Content Marketing Email Marketing

With so much content to consume and such little time to consume it, writing an effective headline is essential if you want to cut through the noise and grab people's attention.

If you're looking to improve your headline writing and add to your digital marketing skill set, these practical tips will have you grabbing attention and attracting visitors in a flash.

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Generate More Search Traffic With YouTube SEO

Content Marketing SEO

We’ve outlined a few simple yet effective SEO tactics that you can use to optimize your video content and attract more traffic. Like regular onsite SEO, the effects of video SEO can be cumulative, meaning the more tips you implement, the better your results will likely be.

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What Does the New AdWords Interface Mean for Marketers?

Digital Marketing SEO

The new AdWords interface is more than a slick visual update to the existing AdWords layout: it's a total rebuild from the bottom up. In this post, you'll find out what's on offer within the new user interface and discover why mobile-first marketing is important for success in your digital career.

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5 Essential Skills of a Successful Social Media Manager

Digital Marketing Social Media

A good social media manager needs a diverse collection of skills and traits to allow them to identify opportunities, create engaging content and convert as many of your followers as possible into loyal, motivated customers.

We've listed five essential skills that any successful social media manager should be able to bring to the table.

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6 Ways to Use Video in Your Social Media Marketing

Content Marketing Digital Marketing

As a digital marketer, adding video to your campaigns and engagement efforts is one of the most powerful and effective ways to generate more attention and reach your audience.

We’ve shared six ways that you can use video in your social media marketing, from short videos that build anticipation to longer, more informative videos that let you dig into the details of your product and attract a more discerning, quality-focused target audience. 

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